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Are You Ready For Backyard Entertaining Season?

Is your backyard ready for BBQ and garden party season? Are you? There’s a lot to account for when it comes to throwing the perfect outdoor party. You want your patios and backyards to reflect your unique taste, but also be functional, comfortable and withstand the elements. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? But that’s because it is! Not to worry though. We’ve compiled a list of tips and design ideas that we’re loving this season.

Pattern Play
Patterns are an integral part of any outdoor living space. They add character, lighten up boring spaces and make your backyard uniquely you. Just remember that there is an art to playing with patterns… too much pattern can make your space seem overwhelming and busy. Whereas too little can make it seem bland and boring.

Light It Up
Lighting fixtures are not just for inside your home. It’s important to keep your patio and backyard areas well lit. A fun and decorative lighting display not only lets evenings last long past sunset, but also adds depth to your living space. Design Tip: Keep task lighting to areas that need it most like above dining tables and under veranda. Adding ambient lighting elements to seating areas creates a softer mood for conversations.  And don’t forget to light your walkways for your guests!

Transitional Pieces
Your outdoor living space can reflect that of the inside of your home. Match color palettes and styles to ensure a seamless transition. Punch the palette up with bolder color choices or play the color palette down with more subdued hues.  Whatever makes you happy!

Designing With Nature
A major element of outdoor living is decorating with plants and natural elements. Anything from hanging gardens to potted plants adds a sense of serenity and beauty to your space. Design Tip: Do not sacrifice beauty for function. Make sure that your plants integrate easily into your living space and do not take over the area. Keep that color palette in mind too!



With all of this beautiful weather we’ve been having it is evident that outdoor entertaining season is coming quicker than expected. Click here to schedule a BOGO consultation with me and we’ll get going on designing your dream backyard: