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From Our Clients

  • Sherry guided our kitchen remodel with her expert knowledge of Interior Design. Also her skills in management of the project and in collaboration with the many craftsmen involved were gifts to us. She saved us from stressing over schedules. She narrowed down potential choices to the best ones.

    She walked with us through the formation, creation, and consummation of our beautiful new kitchen. It is perfectly suited to us and to our home. Just take a look!I was interested in the artistic presentation of the kitchen as much as it’s function.  Sherry knows what that is all about!  We made fun shopping trips together. She knows where to find anything! One shopping adventure produced a sink and faucet I love! Selecting the back splash, granite, cabinet style, appliances, wall color, fabrics, etc. was a delight. I wanted these to play off and enhance each other with freshness and surprise. Sherry made it happen!

    For me other significant pluses in hiring Sherry were:

    Her respect for our budget– she encouraged the more expensive choices only when they were crucial and wise and found many unexpected bargains in other areas to offset costs.

    Her work behind the scenes– she did much research for us, searching the Internet, getting info from vendors, scouting for the best products.

    Her work ethic– she kept us updated and reviewed decisions throughout the project. She respected subcontractors, she never padded her wallet.

    Her undaunted spirit– when roadblocks, upsets, delays or challenging surprises occurred she pondered the potential solutions. She turned these into opportunities to be creative, to learn, to seek solutions. She was not afraid to wait for the best resolutions. She is a real thinker. She is the most positive realist I know! Along with this she encouraged us and increased our trust that God will accomplish his best for us.

    Her generous spirit– she enjoys her work and that overflows to others. She wants others to benefit from what she does. This is certainly true for us as her clients, but also she appreciates and promotes the skills and abilities of her fellow artisans.

    Her focus on us–  She did not get sidetracked by the enormity of the project, but focused on us, our needs, preferences and style. It was not about how great a job she was doing but about her goal to create a kitchen space we would love and thrive in.
    D. Witmer, Lancaster, PA

  • Sherry was an amazing interior designer to work with!  Some people have a gift, I do not for design!  I knew I needed to hire someone to make my vacation home pop, so I could get lots of rentals!  The home I purchased was alright, but it was boring, and in a market that had many rentals, I needed to be able to stick out and have a wow factor!  Well, Sherry helped with that!  She had so much input on the whole project down to the small details!  The house looks amazing and is now getting the interest it needs to produce the income I desire!

    Let me share with you some of Sherry’s amazing qualities.  Sherry saw the place, and came up with a whole design concept after listening to my wants and desires!  She was spot on!  She listened, would ask, and sometimes push my limits.  Ironically, the things that Sherry pushed me to try were hands down some of my favorite features in the house, such as a color I thought was too “Wild” turned out to be my favorite thing in the house.  She knows I am a simple person when it came to design, and she encouraged me to think outside of my box, and pushed me to try something new!  Thank heavens she did!  Sherry shopped for me, found the perfect accent items to go together, and brought her design concept to life!

    Without a doubt, I would recommend using Sherry Smith!  She was well worth the money I spent to use her services!  She truly helped to make my boring vacation home into a dream home for us, and for people to rent!  She was thoughtful, kind, fun to work with, and truly brilliant with her gift for design!  I would use her again for another project without a doubt, and would love to tell you to try her!  She has been nothing but phenomenal, full of integrity, and true to her word!
    Melany R.

  • “Sherry is a very creative, flexible, and understanding person. Her creativity shows up as she comes up with design ideas and concepts to meet her clients wishes. Her flexibility and understanding are apparent as she molds those ideas as roadblocks appear or things change along the way. I count it a privilege to be able to work with her.”
    Nathan B./Wynwood Fine Cabinetry, Lancaster, PA
  • “Sherry created an initial design board for me and was available throughout my project on a consulting basis. She had great ideas and helped guide me in areas where I needed assistance. There are a few more steps until my living room/dining room/kitchen project is completed. I know Sherry will make herself available when I need her and her continued assistance will result in space that I will love.”
    Tommi H./Mount Joy, PA
    Design/Decorating Client
  • “We had our house staged in order to help it sell. Great care was taken to incorporate what we already had to reduce the amount we would have to spend to purchase additional items. Suggestions were made on wall color, furniture placement and accessories. It was a job well done! The house went under agreement a few weeks after the staging was complete.”
    Karen G./Lancaster, PA
    Staging Client
  • “In just a few short hours Sherry transformed our home to a comfortable and serene setting.  We were truly amazed on how she was able to move items around and offered recommendations of items to add to our beautiful home.”
    Scott Pearce
    ReDesign Client
  • “Sherry has assisted many clients of mine whom put their homes on the market for sale.  She has always been prompt and professional.  She works within the Seller’s budget and has given many great tips for “staging” your home for the maximum potential value.  If you are serious about selling your home in a timely fashion, I would highly recommend Sherry and her team.”
    Susan Lowe, Broker
    Chase International Distinctive Properties
  • “Thank you for your excellent staging skills and resource knowledge.  The home now leaves a warm and inviting impression of everyone who sees it.  Your timelines were followed to the letter and all services were beyond my expectations.”
    Trish Hall, CA, NV Realtor
    Realty World Lake Tahoe
  • “Sherry Smith, owner of Design Elements, Ltd., has been instrumental in selling homes for me, especially considering the difficult market we are in. The homes she has designed and completely furnished have been luxury homes. Sherry grasps the theme of the home immediately and her furnishing choices reflect that. Everything she does is of the latest trends, very tastefully presented, and reflects high end mountain decor. She continues to meet our budget parameters and timelines. It would be my pleasure to continue to recommend her to my clients and colleagues.”
    Mark Salmon, CA Realtor
    Pinnacle Real Estate Group