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Sherry’s Inspirational List & Things She Can’t Live Without

1. My family – They are my true inspiration. My husband, Steve, is my biggest cheerleader and without his encouragement and support I wouldn’t be where I am today – living my dream! My daughter keeps me grounded and never ceases to amaze me with her love and compassion for others, and for life in general. Her creative spirit shines through in everything she does. She is a ROCK STAR!!

My Family

2. Our dog Tinks (short for Tinker Bell) – She is our 4th Labby & we just love her! She keeps me moving with our daily walks & she is my constant companion…and office design assistant!

Our Dog

3. Beautiful elements from nature that are made into artistic functional creations.

Beautiful elements from nature

4. Flowers! I just love fresh flowers in any form. They truly brighten my day – a single stem to a full blown arrangement. I put them in all rooms – everywhere!


5. My faith…My personal relationship with God is ever evolving and I know without Him I would be lost. And my church…LCBC, where their mission is truly to experience Lives Changed By Christ.
6. Illume Candles – Divine! I always have a candle lit wherever I am working or relaxing. It is a simple pleasure that I enjoy in life. And the Illume candles also add to your decor – so pretty!!

Illume Candles

7. Lake Tahoe! Need I say more? It’s natural beauty fills me with inspiration.

Lake Tahoe

8. My iPad/iPhone…can’t leave home without them! It is great to be able to do space plans, bring up photos to show ideas to clients when I am with them, and respond to emails. But I have to remind myself to turn off the technology when it is family time – not always easy.!


9. Color! I would just die without color :( …it is one of the foundations of any good design.


10. Long bike rides – I find I am most creative when I have alone time and am outdoors. When I was a Triathlete I would do 60+ mile rides, but now I settle for 20-25 miles at a time.

Long Bike Rides

11. Spa days :) :) – again, refer to #10. I love my alone time and don’t get much of it, so when I do, I am either on my bike, in the pool, or at the Spa! Woop, Woop! I cherish those days. And, who doesn’t love to be pampered? ;)

Spa Days